Enjoy your stay at Ibiza to relax, take your time and
explore the island in different ways, following your needs.


Whether you are a novice or an expert in yoga, our teachers are adaptable to your level, your mood and your needs. A moment just for you.

Boat tour around Ibiza

Discover Ibiza from the outside of the island. You'll find coves that are inaccessible walking, turquoise waters, unforgettable sunsets and many more other surprises on board.

Private hikes

Private Guided Hike: We offer private hikes every day during the morning or afternoon, finishing with sunset. The hike typically lasts around 3 hours. It's personalized to suit your preferences, whether it's adjusting the time, level, or accommodating special requests like birthdays or proposals. During the hike, we'll enjoy breathtaking views, silence, and the beauty of Ibiza. We'll choose the trail level together based on the group size, your hiking abilities, and the weather forecast to ensure the best experience. We also offer video and photo services using iPhones to capture your memories.


The activity commences at the hotel. Generally, we travel 30 km by electric bike, which allows us to adapt the physical effort to everyone's pace and discover the island's beauties in a shorter time. The experience is fully guided, and you will discover the hidden paths, the splendid countryside, the green hills and the typical little bistros. At each stop, the guide will tell you anecdotes and personal memories. The walk may also end with the sunset. Conditions of participation: you must know how to ride a bike! It is imperative to book ahead and set the exact number of participants so we can prepare the number of bikes needed.


Out of the traditional tourist scene, explore the beautiful coast of Ibiza from the sea, swim, visit some caves, snorkel or, for the more fearless, jump off a cliff. The excursion can be organised during the day or at sunset. The experienced guides will introduce you to inaccessible coves and a secret beach on the quiet, tideless Mediterranean sea as you sit comfortably in stable kayaks. Most people get used to paddling very quickly.  A safe and memorable experience! We can also provide round-trip transfers if necessary.


Fancy an intimate, romantic picnic? We are offering you a getaway with a gourmet picnic in beautiful rural locations on the island or in private places. A marriage proposal or simply a magical moment, we can take you beyond your wildest dreams in an unforgettable setting.

Hot-air balloon

What could be more spectacular than flying in the sky and discovering the island from a different perspective? A hot-air balloon trip is an incredible experience to treat yourself to keep the best memories of Ibiza.